Dr. Ali Sharifi

Dr. Ali Sharifi
  • Specialty liver surgery, bile dacts, the pancreas and organ transplants.
  • Member of the international Association of Hepato Bilir surgeons and member of Hamadan university of medical sciences.
  • Surgery for tumors and cysts and liver metastases pancreatic tumors and lesions.
  • Tumors and stenosis and lesions and gallstones such as types of cholangiocarcinomas.
  • Evaluation of cirrhotic patients for liver transplantation possibility and listing for liver transplantation.
  • Abdominal tumor surgery in retroperitoneum and adrenal evaluation of patients with chronic renal failure and type 1. Diabetic for possible simultaneous transplantation of the kidney and pancreas and listing for pancreas transplantation laparoscopic gallbladder surgery general surgeon specialist.